Winston-Salem is popular for Salem College that was built in 1772 by the Moravians. But there is much more to its rich culture and history that many locals are yet to realize. Winston-Salem has a rich and deep history that dates back in the 1700s, but it’s also a must-visit place for its wealth of museums, restaurants, parks, and art galleries. If you decide to spend your weekend at Winston-Salem, you will not be short of fun activities and attractions to enjoy.

West End Historic District

If you want to learn the history and the cultural importance of Winston-Salem, you should pay a visit to the West End Historic District. Many infrastructures in this area have been built in the 1800s and have been restored for everyone to witness at present. You can see the house of some of the most significant personalities in Winston-Salem in this area, including the Zevely House and Poindexter House.

Black Mountain Chocolate Factory

Black Mountain Chocolate Factory makes your dream of a real-life factory come to life. It is situated in the downtown area of the city and is open to the public. You can join a group tour and have one of their staff tell you the story of how the factory was realized. You can also witness the process of making the chocolate on tour. If you’re a sweet tooth, you will surely enjoy buying the factory’s product onsite.

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art

You should come to the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) if you want to learn about the emerging art scene in the city. SECCA houses pieces from local artists in their rotating exhibits. The center also features masterpieces of national and international artists. There are also film nights at SECCA as well as musical evenings in partnership with the Metropolitan Opera.

Old Salem Museums and Gardens

Local volunteers worked together in restoring the Old Salem Museums and Gardens in the 1950s. It is basically a community-run project and still continues to stand still over the years. A lot of historic buildings have been restored for locals and tourists to enjoy. Learning is never dull on tour, as you can eat and shop while it’s on-going. You can either wander on your own or take a guided tour with their expert docent.

Reynolda House of Museum of American Art

You shouldn’t miss a trip to Reynolda House Museum if you are very much into American art. The museum houses over one hundred art exhibits. The displays are both rotating and permanent that you can enjoy all-year-round.

Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem

There is also something in store for the younger population in Winston-Salem. They can make a stop at the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and see a wide range of exciting displays that are meant to interest their minds. All exhibits and displays are interactive and educational, which are aimed at developing coordination, social awareness, and literacy among the young audience. You can expect to have fun in the galleries and interactive activities, including reading, painting, and drawing.

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