If it’s your first time installing concrete on your property, you probably have plenty of questions in mind concerning the job, particularly about hiring a professional contractor.

Below are some of the questions most customers have about concrete projects and their simple and straight-to-the-point answers.

Can new concrete go over an old concrete surface?

Yes. The contractor can pour concrete over the top of the old surface, to make the concrete look new and polished. This is a different process than installing concrete on empty land because the contractor needs to insect the concrete and see if it’s still in good condition and clean it before pouring the concrete on the surface.

Is it okay to pour concrete in cold weather?

The temperature can have a significant effect on the quality and success of the concrete job. This is especially true if the job site is located in an open area. For instance:

  • Concrete can’t cure as quickly in cold weather
  • Cold temperatures are never ideal for concrete pours because they can result in frozen ground
  • Additional water in the concrete can freeze in the mixture and result in issues

Is repair better than replacing concrete?

Some concrete is just not worth the repair, particularly the ones that have been installed many years ago. But how can you tell if the concrete can still be saved or if it needs replacement? Look for the following signs to tell if your concrete should be repaired:

  • Chipped corners
  • Damage in localized areas
  • Concrete is not too old
  • A couple of cracks in the concrete’s surface

On the other hand, if you see the following signs, it means your concrete should be replaced:

  • Potholes
  • Spider-web-like cracks
  • Old concrete with significant damages

If you still can’t decide whether to have your concrete repaired or replaced, it is best to call a professional contractor to inspect your concrete and help you in your decision-making.

What should you do with old concrete?

If you have decided to have your old concrete replaced, you don’t have to haul it away to a landfill. The good thing about concrete is that it is highly recyclable and eco-friendly. This means the concrete doesn’t have to take up much space in the landfill, and it can be utilized in the future. Concrete recycling is an excellent alternative because it brings a lot of benefits to the environment, such as reduce the greenhouse effect and save energy.

Should I hire a professional concrete contractor?

Concrete installation is more complicated than you think. The weather may not be the best time to pour the mixture, and you need expert assistance when it comes to determining how much cement to add to the concrete during wet weather. You also need help to learn whether a concrete surface is good enough to be poured over by new concrete.

There are a lot more reasons why using professional concrete service is recommended for any concrete installation projects. These questions (and answers) can help you manage your expectations for your future concrete project, as well as help you decide which contractor to hire. If you require more information, you can contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.