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Concrete Staining

We have been providing skilled concrete services for more than a decade to all homeowners in Winston-Salem. We offer a wide selection of concrete services to cater to all your concrete requirements. We specialize in concrete staining as a way to enhance the look of your concrete. Gone are the days when concrete looked dull because concrete can already be made into elegant and classy material. Concrete staining can give your home an updated and radiant look that you never thought was possible. Your walkways, patio, or driveway will never look any better after installing concrete staining to it. Our dedicated team will help you achieve your desired looks when it comes to your concrete. We have learned different approaches and techniques in concrete staining to get the results you always wish for. Let us help you restore and upgrade the present state of the surface of your concrete.

Types of Concrete Stains

We use two different approaches when it comes to professional concrete staining. The first one is using water-based acrylics, and the other one is using acid-based chemicals. The acid-based stain contains metallic salts that react with the lime content found in concrete. This creates a bond on your concrete surface. This approach ensures that your concrete will not peel away or crack in the future. With water-based acrylic, the pigment pores function as paint when poured on the concrete. Using water-based acrylic is relatively easier to apply compared to the first technique. It also has a wide variety of colors to choose from. Rest assured that we can complete the job regardless of your choice of approach. 

Why Hire A Professional?

It may have crossed your mind to do your concrete staining because you want to save money or you think you can perform the job yourself. However, many times, homeowners get frustrated with their own doing. Keep in mind that concrete staining takes skills and artistry to get high-quality results. The success of the project depends on the technique used, as well as the expertise of the contractor. Concrete stain is permanent, so once it’s installed, you will have to deal with the outcome for the years to come. If you still haven’t made up your mind, give us a call, and our representative will help you decide which approach, color, or style fits your preference.

​Why Choose Winston-Salem Concrete Contractor?

Winston-Salem Concrete Contractor understands how fast your preferences can change over time which is why we are ready to keep up with your demands. Don’t think twice to call us when your slab needs surface preparation. We use updated and innovative technology to apply stains to your concrete and stamped concrete floors. Our service to stained concrete floors such as acid-staining concrete is sure to stay on your concrete for many years. You can choose from a glossy finish or solid tone for your concrete, and we can do it for you. Call us now, and our staff will help you achieve that surface of the concrete that you want.

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