Concrete driveways require proper care after they are installed to ensure quality that will last for years. You should take note of the ways to care for your new concrete driveway to keep it looking good and free from any damages for the years to come.


Don’t use the driveway for at least seven days after its installation to allow it to cure correctly. It can be used for regular traffic after a week and two weeks to a month for any heavy equipment.

Construction Equipment

You should keep construction equipment off of the newly installed driveway for at least a month after its installation. Heavy equipment, as well as loaders, can cause tire tracking on the concrete surface.


Sealing is crucial for concrete driveways. It should be performed to ensure the maximum life of any concrete driveway. Seal the concrete driveway for a minimum of three years. You should seal your driveway more frequently if you live in a region where the highway department uses salt/ sand mix on the roads. These chemicals cause spalling on the concrete, but sealing can help prevent it from happening.

Oil Spots

Clean the surface of the soil as soon as it has spilled, and there should be no significant problem. While oil spots attract dirt and stain the concrete, it is not a significant concern. You can solve it by using a commercial de-greaser, water, and heavy-duty brush. Scrub the oil spots, and it should do the trick. However, some of the stains may still be seen for several months.

Low Spots/ Bird Baths

You may see some insignificant bird baths following rain or snow after the concrete driveway has been installed. Depending on how deep these bird baths are, they may or may not be an issue. You can fill the low spot with water and place a coin to it. There’s nothing to worry about if the water doesn’t cover the coin. You should call your contractor if the coin is a quarter-inch deep or more. This can cause spalling and other potential problems in the future.

Ice Melting Products

Ice melting products are crucial, especially in the winter season. However, if you have a stamped or patterned concrete driveway, you should not consider using them on your driveway’s surface.

Snow Removal

Make sure that the tires will not spin in place if you plow the snow on your driveway. This can result in scarring that can last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, there is no solution to these types of unsightly damages, so prevention is recommended.

Moving Vans

Moving vans are highly detrimental to the concrete driveway. As much as you can, don’t allow them on your driveways.

Trash Collection Trucks

Don’t allow trash collection trucks on your new concrete driveway because they are really heavy and can destroy any concrete driveway.

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your newly installed driveway is choosing the right contractor that will perform the job professionally and with the utmost skills. Before you hire a contractor, make sure they are reputable and professional to avoid future problems with your concrete driveway.